One Shot Flavor Concentrates 

One on One Flavours has been in the flavour business for well over 10 years.  We supply Liquid Flavour Concentrates all over the Globe and deal with Business to Business Customers and customers in the DIY E-Liquid Business. 

For quite some time now, we have been selling a couple of different types of Flavor Concentrates.  Our One Shot, which we introduced to a few Shops and our most Popular Flavours, One on One Flavour Concentrates; made for the mass producer of E-Liquid with the abilities to make whatever your heart desires.  

That being said, we figured that coming out with a One Shot Concept would help our Customers Globally tremendously.  Not only are our flavors doing spectacular in all facets of this ever-growing business, it's the DIY Folks we're really looking to help.  Most importantly, due to a lot of Regulations being passed in recent months, it's about that time to pay it forward by giving you the keys to the castle.  

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a One Shot Flavor?

These Flavors are pre mixed flavors that are only designed to be used on their own and mixed with a base of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and Nicotine (if desired) 

What are some of the Advantages associated with purchasing One Shot Flavor Concentrates?

The main thing here is not having to worry about if whether or not your E-Liquid is going to taste a certain way.  Far too often we've had our DIY Customers purchase our Flavour Concentrates with the hopes that they get exactly what the flavor states.  If the flavor is Green Apple Candy on the Flavor Concentrate side but you're only using this flavor for your mix, with our experience, our customers fall into a Standard Mixing Starting Point.  Most of which is based off of Forums and from Friends that have tried the flavor.  Unfortunately for many of us, we're not professionals and run into this issue more often than not.   

The Benefit ordering a One Shot Flavour Concentrate will make things much easier and get you to your finished product right away.  With the One Shot, when making this Green Apple Candy for instance, we have added all of the components needed to allow you to have a finished product you're happy with.  

Steps will be added to the Products Label and Box if applicable.  Once available, we'll ship out a bottle of VG and PG for your mixing Pleasures.  Nicotine is also an option that we will ship with every order, once available.  Keep an eye out on these details.  

Do you add any Sweeteners?  If so, what types? 

Yes.  We do add either Ethyl Maltol and or Sucralose.  In some cases, VG would be a good enough sweetener to use.  We will note on each product listing and the bottles label if whether or not the product comes with a sweetener.  

Am I able to sell these in my Shops without any Regulation Issues?

Yes.  As you’re well aware, the components of E-Liquid is not Regulated, it’s the finished product.  In this case, One Shot Flavor Concentrates allow you to sell this product along with the VG/PG and Nicotine to your customers in a package to help you with these regulations.  

There are also many advantages of doing this.  For one, you would be selling your customer a One Shot option for them.  The main advantage here is, there's no second guessing.  What they buy is what they'll get.  All of the DIY Trial and Error would be basically thrown out the window.  Your customers will love these flavors! 

How do you know how much to mix?  

One Shot Flavor Concentrates are created for 120ml Bottles of Finished Product.  Pre-Filled in a 30ml Bottle, each One Shot Flavor Concentrate is Manufactured to it's exact point to mix with your VG/PG and Nic.  Instructions and/or Steps are on the label.  If purchasing our Pre-Filled VG/PG bottle, just open the One Shot Flavor Concentrate and add it to the Pre-Filled VG/PG Bottle.  We'll indicate the percentage of VG/PG on the bottle and description page.