DIY Sprinkle Recipe

by Thia Nguyen
August 29, 2019

A small box of sprinkles can be so expensive! Here's how to create your own and store it away for all your future needs! The best part? they have a super long shelf life. 


3 cups of confectioners sugar, Sifted. 
3 extra large egg whites (pasteurized) 
10 drops of Fruity  Flakes Cereal Flavour 
Gel food Coloring 

1 bag of swerve confectioner, Sifted. 
3 large egg whites (pasteurized) 
2 tsp Lemon juice 
10 drops of Fruity Flakes Cereal 
Gel Food Coloring 

1. Add egg white into a bowl and whisk with a stand up or electric hand mixer. Slowly add in the sugar. 
2. Add in Flavours of choice and lemon juice. 
3. Once everything is combined, then whisk on high and whip until light and fluffy. 

To make the Sprinkles 

1. Lay out parchment paper. Split icing into portions and add in your gel colours. 
2. keep the unused icing covered with a damp towel. The sugar will dry very quickly. 
3.Place icing in piping bag with a narrow tip or cut out a small hole. 
4. Pipe out lines on parchment paper and let it dry overnight. 
5. Next day, crumble and combine all colours together. 
6. Put them into a seal tight container and store away. Enjoy! 

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